Complying with the new regulations in NSW
NSW Sales Agents – How to avoid the new $4,400 penalties in place with Building & Pest Inspections and Strata Reports
06 APR 2017
BYB in the news - SMH/The Age
Getting an independent property report is a key step to entering Sydney’s residential property market.
06 APR 2017
How much can BYB save you?
Before You Bid has been up for almost a year now, so we had a look at how much we have been saving interested parties, and the results look good!
08 JUL 2016
Free Contract Review – the game just changed!
Before You Bid now has a panel of lawyers and conveyancers who offer absolutely free contract reviews – so there’s no excuse not to get one!
23 JUN 2016
New Real Estate Regulations in NSW – The Break Down
The NSW Government is amending the regulations affecting the real estate industry, with changes to come into force on the 1st of August.
15 JUN 2016
Think you don’t need a Building & Pest Inspection on an Apartment? Think again
When purchasing an apartment you may not think to order a Building & Pest Inspection, assuming they’re only needed for houses, but this could not be further from the truth. While you may think that structural issues are the responsibility of the Owners’ Corporation, if it’s part of your unit the cost may fall to you. This means that both a Strata Report and Building & Pest Inspection are vital to make sure you’re properly protected.
06 JUN 2016

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